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January 17,2018

New Year and Endless Possibilities

So much has has happened in the past month at Story on the Square! We found the perfect temporary location at the old Ward Drug store on the Square, and it's just around the corner from our 19 Griffin Street building. We opened our space the first Friday in December at the Christmas parade. Matt, Monterey and I toasted the event and enjoyed watching the small town charm of a parade. During the busy shopping month of December, we loved handselling books to our customers and helping them pick the perfect gift for their family. Meeting so many interesting and exciting people has energized us to plan big for the New Year. 

Thru our personal interactions and via social media, we hear your excitement about having an independent bookstore in your town. It seems as if this town was hungry for the localism and romance of a bookstore. Speaking of romance, we are gearing up for Valentine's Day. We are decorating the bike out front and wrapping books in brown paper for Blind Date with a Book. We have hand-selected great reads and hidden the covers. Next, we write short, intriguing hints on the paper to entice you to "pick up" that particular book. We will have adult selections and young adult titles to choose from. Take a chance on falling in love with a book! Take it out on the town, show it your favorite spots to read, and heck, maybe even share your date with a friend. We won't judge. This promotion starts February 1 and ends February 15, so don't wait. Let's spark some literary love.

One of my favorite aspects of owning a bookstore has been the book clubs. It is a delight to meet other passionate readers and discuss some wonderful books. Our mother/daughter book club started out with a bang. What a great group of young women and their mothers! Next month, on February th, we will be meeting at our store at 6:30 pm. Annette Laing is our special guest and will be discussing her book, our selection this month, Don't Know Where, Don't Know When. Copies are available in our store and she will be thrilled to sign your copy at the meeting. Check out all of our book clubs listed in the website and on the Event page.

During the quiet and cold month of January, slip on in to the store. Take your time and browse our new gift selection fresh from the January Merchandise Mart. My daughter, Annie, turned out to be the best buyer for our store. She chose charming and unique items to stock the store for spring. 

As members of SIBA (Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association), we proudly feature Spring's Okra Picks- a dozen fresh titles we want to handsell. Okra Picks are nominated by southern bookstores and the list comes out each season. They are southern in nature and cover any genre but must be by southern authors or about southern subjects. Let us help your find the freshest pick for your winter reading. Look for the Okra Picks display in the front of our store.

In the midst of this horrible flu season, we will host a Poetry Event with poet Anna King Ivy. She will be reading her newly published volume of poetry, into the leftover blue. It's a gorgeous, handmade and numbered book published by Another New Calligraphy. It examines the forgotten influenza epidemic of 1918 that killed 5 % of the world's population: over million people. The timing of the disaster was almost forgotten due to the end of the First World War. It opens as a third person analysis of the historical sources detailing the outbreak and then shifts to a first person acceptance of death and its lingering ache. Come and meet this local educator and poet, and all around delightful person. Copies available for purchase and signing. 

We are open to all possibilities! We want to be your bookstore, your go-to destination for books, event, and gifts. Stop by and tell us what you want to read, what clubs you wish to join, and what type of events you would love to attend. We are making up this journey as we go along, so join the ride!