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Growing and Changing in Spring

Submitted by stephanie on Sun, 04/08/2018 - 12:00am

We have just returned from a much needed vacation on Spring Break. This respite gave me loads of time to rest, think, reflect, and redirect my energy. I have had too many balls in the air, with little control of my schedule and needed to slow down. My "real job" has been busy, with growth of new employees and the imminent doom of Blue Cross going out of network with Piedmont. This affects about 50 % of my patients, unfortunately. My "new job" as a bookstore owner is becoming more real by the day. I am finally starting to know what I don't know, and that represents progress for me. At first, I was so naive, that I thought this business would be easy. It's retail, how hard could it be. The first 4 months, it was as if I was trying to drink from a fire hose. It was survival mode- from mistake to crisis to another mistake. Now, not so much. I finally realized I can take baby steps and not feel pressured to know or do everything at once. I have hired two great employees who run the day to day business without needing much supervision. They are giving me the freedom to relax and enjoy the fun aspects of this career. 

Now, we are moving into our second season at Story on the Square and enjoying seeing regular customers. Thru event planning, we are starting to understand what our community wants. Our story times have become a special time with our favorite clients. Author events are filling up the spring calendar and we are seeing more customers at each one. It's so exciting to meet an author and have them personalize your copy of their book. We are hosting some big name authors this Spring with Joshilyn Jackson at our Ferst Foundation Luncheon April 17th, and Kimmery Martin April 20th at Pasta Max for an author luncheon. 

The construction of the permanent building at 19 Griffin Street is coming along well. I have ordered the custom bookshelves from Franklin Fixtures in Cooksville, TN who specialize in bookstore fixtures. We ordered the elevator right here in Griffin, GA from Premier Elevators. I've picked out paint colors and windows, so now we are getting to the fun stuff!  Our construction schedule is set to be complete by August, but we will keep you updated. 

I spend some of Spring Break in Savannah at E. Shaver bookseller. I looked at their beautiful collection of carefully curated books, but more importantly, inhaled the lovely environment they have created for their readers. I sat down on a comfy couch and listened to the calming music, spied on all the customers, and watched the fat, yellow cat curl up into the sunshine filled window, and I exhaled. I started crying tears of joy, knowing I had found my place and my calling. I can not wait to create my own space, offer the same sanctuary to my customers, and have them sit down and exhale. 



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