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Book Clubs



Hot New Fiction Book Club

The Storyteller's Death: A Novel By Ann Dávila Cardinal Cover Image

The Storyteller's Death by Anna Davila Cardinal

Thursday, January 12th from 6-7pm









Horror/Stephen King Book Club

The Mist By Stephen King Cover Image

The Mist by Stephen King

Friday, January 20th from 6-7p











Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club!

Poster Girl By Veronica Roth Cover Image

 Poster Girl by Veronica Roth

Thursday, January 26th, from 6-7pm









Mystery/Thriller Book Club 

The Vicious Circle: A Novel By Katherine St. John Cover Image

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger

Thursday, February 2 from 6-7pm









Romance Book Club

A Merry Little Meet Cute: A Novel By Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone Cover Image

Something in the Heir by Suzanne Enoch

Tuesday, February 7 from 6-7pm









History is Alive Book Club

Life on the Mississippi: An Epic American Adventure By Rinker Buck Cover Image

Con/Artist by Tony Tetro

Thursday, February 9 from 6-7pm










Weird Science Book Club

A Voice in the Wilderness: A Pioneering Biologist Explains How Evolution Can Help Us Solve Our Biggest Problems By Professor Joseph L. Graves, Jr. Ph.D Cover Image


 A Voice In The Wilderness by Joseph L. Graves, Jr.

Tuesday, January 3rd from 6-7pm










Cookbook Club

Shaq's Family Style: Championship Recipes for Feeding Family and Friends [A Cookbook] By Shaquille O'Neal, Rachel Holtzman (With), Matthew Silverman (With), Matthew Piekarski (With) Cover Image



Shaq's family style by Shaquille O'Neal

Date TBD  

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