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Art of Instant Pot Keto Soups & Stews: 17 Heart-warming recipes using Bone Broth (Paperback)

Art of Instant Pot Keto Soups & Stews: 17 Heart-warming recipes using Bone Broth By Pamela Doe Cover Image
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Noticing a Ketogenic Diet craze that works for many while you find yourself feeling helpless with totally no idea where & how to start? That's exactly where I was before two books were written

Allow me to share with you my passion for Ketogenic diet. Would you like to experience a smooth transition into a Ketogenic lifestyle? If so, read on...

Watching your weight or looking for ways to improve your health?

In this second book of mine, I look forward to share with you the Ketogenic diet along with the power of bone broth. Art of Instant Pot Keto Soups & Stews will provide you with easy recipes that not only keep you on the route to weight loss, but also fill your days with nutrients and electrolytes.

Packed with multiple health benefits, Keto Soups and Stews made with bone broth are ideal health food for all ages. They are simply perfect heart-warming recipes that will bring friends and families together.

Take a quick glance of what is included,

  • Keto diet + Power of Bone Broth
  • Quick understanding of Keto diet and its benefits
  • Incredible benefits of regularly including bone broth in your diet
  • Stocking up your Keto kitchen
  • Best selection of Keto Soups & Stews
  • Expect up to 3 ways of cooking methods for each recipe

and Many more

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ISBN: 9781081339616
ISBN-10: 1081339616
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 18th, 2019
Pages: 54
Language: English