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The MacGregor Brides: Engaged for the Holidays (Macgregors #8) (Paperback)

The MacGregor Brides: Engaged for the Holidays (Macgregors #8) By Nora Roberts Cover Image


The holidays are the perfect time for romance--and no one knows that better than the MacGregors

The only thing Daniel MacGregor truly wants to see is his three beloved granddaughters happily married to their perfect matches. The clever patriarch of the MacGregor clan knows if he wants something done right, he has to do it himself--and even at age ninety, he's still up for some matchmaking But with all three girls adamant that marriage is the last thing on their minds, this might be Daniel's biggest challenge yet.

Independent lawyer Laura is used to practical routine, and Daniel has a feeling Royce Cameron will add some excitement to her life. Doctor Gwendolyn has always cared for others, but Daniel thinks it's high time Branson Macguire showed her that she should put herself first every now and then, too. And smart buisnesswoman Julia swears she's too busy for romance, though of course Daniel knows that for Cullum Murdoch, she's sure to make time.

If Daniel has his way, his unsuspecting granddaughters will be engaged by Christmas
Product Details
ISBN: 9781335425959
ISBN-10: 1335425950
Publisher: Silhouette Books
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Macgregors