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Путешествия Адама том 2: О&#10 (Paperback)

Путешествия Адама том 2: О
 By Shimon G. Garber Cover Image
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Adam Gardov is sent to the next journey. Ahead of the meeting with France, its culture, and the rich culinary traditions. So, of course, Adam is looking forward to this adventure. French Coast: Nice and principality of Monaco, Cannes, and then to Corsica. Gastronomic delights, the best shops, markets, and meeting with real gangsters. Travel to Genoa and fortress in Bastia.

The second volume also included several short stories.

"Admission to Stone Island "is the memories of the 60-ies of the last century and how staged holidays life in Communist Russia. The author talks about how banquets were for the Soviet elite, host foreign VIP guests, and any unexpected surprises it was fraught.

The third part of the book is creations to "Israeli Stories", which describe two vivid of the traditions people: Jewish, a massive firstly wedding, and secondly a national rite of kosher. At both events and happened to be Adam. Also, in the series "Israeli Stories" included "The Adventures of Adam" in the ancient city of Caesarea, in the Park of Roses Baron Rothschild and Park "Utopia".

The last story of the second volume it's a story of visiting by Adam Chicago Book Fair and to the McCormick place. Impressions about the scope, breadth and vivid events and memories about the glory of Chicago as pizzeria's capital of America

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ISBN: 9781732823204
ISBN-10: 1732823200
Publisher: Shimon Garber
Publication Date: February 18th, 2019
Pages: 204
Language: Russian