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Путешествия Адама том 3: О&#10 (Paperback)

Путешествия Адама том 3: О
 By Shimon G. Garber Cover Image
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Adam Gardov again goes on a journey. This time in plans to visit Italy, Montenegro, Germany, and Greece. All trips had different purposes, but they united by a common theme: interest in life and love for cooking.

In the first part of the book, Adam travels to the island of the Elbe, which seduced him with the abundance of seafood and excellent sea food, and then -- to Rome. His adventures in the Eternal City are imbued with the spirit of nostalgia and memories of his former life in New York.

Trip to Montenegro, to the city of Budva and Kotor, is devoted to the second part of the book. And this journey was a surprise for Adam for several reasons. First, he knew almost nothing about this country, and therefore did not expect such hospitality. The second pleasant surprise was the national cuisine of Montenegrins. And thirdly, Adam came to the gathering of novice writers, and it not only enriched his experience as an author, but also led to unexpected decisions and changes in his fate.

Third trip and a third part of the book -- visit to the Frankfurt International Book Exhibition. Seriously engaged in literature, Adam realized that little to know how to draft books. It is necessary to reveal still secrets, how to sell the written. His arrival in Frankfurt and acquaintance with outstanding people opened his eyes to how everything is arranged in the literary business kitchen.

In the fourth part Adam travels to Greece -- take a break from business and see how rich the island of Rhodes and Crete is today. Sea cruise on the liner "Golden Iris" promises to be pleasant and unforgettable but justifies itself only the promise of "unforgettable". Adam is disappointed with this trip, and for many reasons...

Also, in the third volume of "Adam's Travels" separate, the fifth part, included two stories by Shimon Garber "Old Man" and "Service in Israel."

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ISBN: 9781732823235
ISBN-10: 1732823235
Publisher: Shimon Garber
Publication Date: February 18th, 2019
Pages: 210
Language: Russian