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天宮島戦記 一 日本語版 漫画: The Saga of Moon Palace Graphic Novel Comic Manga (Paperback)

天宮島戦記 一 日本語版 漫画: The Saga of Moon Palace Graphic Novel Comic Manga By Reed Riku Cover Image
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Amamiyajima Senki is a captivating novel that tells the story of two young men who shine in the face of adversity. This novel is full of thrilling plot and immerses the reader in a world full of danger and adventure.

In this story, two brothers are chased by villains and have no choice but to escape to the mysterious Tiangong Island. They hope that the island's organization will help them against the bad guys, but soon discover that the Amamiya organization is also full of mysteries and hidden intrigues.

Adventure: The journey of the two brothers is full of unknown adventures and challenges.

Suspense: The plot of the story is full of suspense and draws the reader's breath away.

Betrayal: Trust is at a premium on Amamiyajima, and betrayal can happen at any time.

Mystery: Tengujima is full of mysteries and unsolved mysteries, waiting for readers to discover them.

Courage: The two brothers display incredible courage and are unafraid to pursue justice despite challenges.

Conspiracy: Many untold conspiracies are hidden within the island's fabric, waiting to be uncovered.

Escape: The lives of the brothers are full of escapes and sudden situations.

Refuge: Tengujima has become a refuge for the brothers, but it is also a dangerous place.

Salvation: Can the two brothers find an opportunity for redemption in adversity?

Reveal: The truth of the story is gradually revealed and surprises the reader.

Tengujima Senki is a novel that is definitely worth reading, especially for readers who like adventure, suspense, and mystical elements. The characters in this novel are vivid, the scenes are memorable, and the plot is so tense that you'll find it hard to put your hands down. So, let's go on a journey through Amamiyajima Senki and experience a breathtaking adventu.

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ISBN: 9781998125128
ISBN-10: 1998125122
Publisher: CS Publish
Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: Japanese