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Donation Requests

Our Charitable Giving Policy

We love our community deeply and make every effort to support as many causes as we can!  Please understand, however, that we receive a very high volume of donation requests.  Weekly and sometimes daily, we are asked to make a donation, and, while we would love to support all the amazing organizations performing positive, enriching, or charitable activities in our community, we are simply unable to donate to every worthy cause.

If you feel strongly we should consider donating to your cause, please read the following before reaching out:

Our Current Giving Criteria

  • We are NOT currently making cash donations.
  • We ARE currently donating Story on the Square gift cards or books for community event door prizes, fundraisers, auctions or classroom use.
  • Our current charitable giving is focused closely on organizations or activities related to the arts and humanities, especially those involving books, reading, and literacy.  If you are seeking a donation for a cause outside of our focus areas, then we are unlikely to be able to make a gift at this time.
  • We are not motivated to make donations based on marketing opportunities; i.e. we don't make donations for exposure or advertising.  We joyfully give when our giving is meaningful and aligned with our mission of fostering a more literate and free-thinking community.
  • If your organization regularly orders from Amazon, but you're asking local businesses for donations, please consider that.

Submit a Donation Request

Do NOT inquire at the bookstore for a donation.  Please submit all donation requests to co-owners David Jongebreur and Stephanie Gordon via email at, and we will follow up with you to let you know if we are able to make a contribution.