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A Whole New World

Submitted by joywhitaker on Thu, 10/29/2020 - 11:17am

Friends and Bookstore Family,

      Welcome back to our blog spot! First, we want to thank our awesome supporters who have kept us in mind during these challenging times. I think what we have learned most through this is how important community is, how important sticking together is, and how having each other's back can literally make or break you. 

      So, lets talk about the obvious shall we? Covid, Coronavirus, 'Rona, Covid-19, virus from hell, whatever you call it doesn't seem to make a difference, it's changed our lives for the forseeable future. As a store we had to close for a time and our staff members along with customers showed the utmost loyalty and love to us. We as individuals and as a company have felt the burden of the virus as you have and yet we are grateful for the journey. It has given us the opportunity to provide books, puzzles, games, and more to families that see the significance of family time and making memories with the ones you love the most. We are finding ourselves ordering masks to sell just as routinely as we order the latest best selling book. Did you ever think in your lifetime that your world would change so drastically and so quickly. The rug has been ripped out from under us, our heads left spinning and stumbling our way back to "normal" has been a tricky beast. We are so fortunate we are to be here still, to still have you here, and together keep each other safe. 

    That brings me to the word safe. Man, does that have a whole new meaning today than it did twelve months ago. Safe used to look like mom reminding her 3 year old to hold on to the rail going down the stairs, safe used to be looking both ways before you cross the street, and wear a helmet when you get on your bike.Today safe means, did you sanitize your hands? Did you bring your mask? Did you stay away from Grandma with COPD during Easter? With so many views and opinions on the subject it's created a division in ways we've never seen. So, let me tell you what we can do about it here at Story on the Square. We want to use this opportunity to pull family and friends together through channels you had long forgotton, I don't mean television channels either, put down the remote and back away slowly from the screen. Let's take a step together to bring back the joy's of reading, to ourselves and to each other. Reading to your kids at bedtime, putting a puzzle together around the kitchen table, playing a card came that you found at the bookstore, that's the good stuff. We are doing our best here at the store to keep you safe, keep us safe, and provide a beautiful enviornment to add a little normal back in to your life. Our event space and patio are open for socially distance fellowship and fun, we have bookclubs in-person or virtual, and the best kids storytime each Saturday morning. Take some time to browse our website events and staff picks for a new book you may like to read. We love you guys and are so grateful you're taking us with you into a whole new world.