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Your Book Club at Story on the Square

Your Book Club

Are you interested in having your existing book club meet at Story on the Square?  We get many requests from book clubs about whether it is possible for them to have their book club at Story on the Square.  We have recently developed a new policy in response to these requests so that we can communicate a consistent message and to help existing book clubs potentially navigate this mutually beneficial relationship.

The following are Story on the Square’s rules for hosting your book club;

1 – All book club members must purchase the selected book club book from Story on the Square.  The book club captain must order and pre-pay for the total quantity of books required for the book club members.  Once all books are received by Story on the Square the book club captain can pick all books up for distribution, or Story on the Square can hold them for each member to pick their copy of the book up.  We will need a list of names if they are to be picked up by the individual members.

2 – The date and time of your book club must be mutually agreed upon with Story on the Square and must be reserved by coordinating with our events manager using the following email to finalize a day and time;  Fridays evenings and Saturday afternoons and evenings are not available for hosting book clubs as there are too many competing events for these days.

3 – The reservation for the book club meeting will not be finalized until the book club books have been ordered and paid for by the book club captain.

4 – On the agreed upon day and time, Story on the Square will reserve a space in the store for the book club to meet and discuss their book.  Our downstairs space for hosting a book club is limited to about 12 people.  Any book clubs with participating members over 12 will be difficult to accommodate.  Please inform our events coordinator when reserving a day and time the number of book club members who will be participating.  Our upstairs event space is available for event rentals and is not available for outside book club hosting.

5 - Story on the Square does not allow any outside food or drinks to be brought into the bookstore.  Our Rough Draft bar has food and beverage options available for book club patrons to enjoy, and book club patrons will receive a 10% discount off their food and drink order during their book club meeting.

6 - Any questions regarding our outside book club policy can be directed to our general manager and owner David at

Thank you for your interest in having your book club meet at Story on the Square and thank you for supporting local independent businesses.  We are happy to partner with fellow book lovers!!